Mon­i­tor­ing of Envi­ron­men­tal Prac­tices for Sus­tain­able Agri­cul­ture Sup­port­ed by Earth Obser­va­tion will be con­duct­ing research on the mon­i­tor­ing of envi­ron­men­tal prac­tis­es. The three year project aims to car­ry out con­tin­u­ous and sys­tem­at­ic mon­i­tor­ing of sus­tain­able agri­cul­tur­al prac­tices on a ter­ri­to­ry wide and all year-round basis. A tool­box of ser­vices will be devel­oped, enabling mon­i­tor­ing organ­i­sa­tions to adapt to require­ments stem­ming from EU pol­i­cy reform.

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This innovative new project aims to fulfil the need for continuous systematic monitoring of agricultural land. Shifting the focus from fragmented monitoring limited to specific fields and dates to territory wide and all year-round monitoring. Achieved by developing a toolbox service for continuous and systematic monitoring of sustainable agricultural practices, enabling monitoring organisations to adapt to requirements stemming from the EU policy reform.

ENVISION brings together 13 European partners and is funded under Horizon 2020, the European Union’s framework programme for research and innovation and will be conducting research on the monitoring of environmental practises over 3 years.

ENVISION aims to: