How to become LEAF Marque Certified

The "How to become LEAF Marque Certified" training offers a comprehensive overview of the LEAF Marque certification process. It covers the necessary steps, provides implementation guidelines, and supports continuous improvement through LSFR, IFM, and management plans.

16th January 2024

Common questions about the certification process are also addressed. It's important to note that the training's guidance is focused on the overall LEAF Marque process and does not cater to specific global regions or individual businesses. Information on certifying bodies in specific regions can be found on the LEAF website. Completion of the training does not guarantee certification. Additionally, the training aims to improve understanding of the language used in the LEAF Marque standard, including terminology, concepts, and compliance requirements. Further information and support can be accessed through the Farmer & Grower Help Centre on the LEAF website.

Who is the training for?

Growers new to LEAF Marque (domestic and international) / Suppliers, PO’s and Business Partners / Supply Chain / Advisers & Consultants