How much does it cost to participate in Farmer Time?

Farmer Time is a completely free initiative supported by our sponsors and we are very thankful that the farmers who sign up give their time voluntarily.

I have my paired teacher/farmer details, what do I do now?

Once you have received your paired farmer or teacher details please do make contact and establish when would be a good time to start the initiative. Arrange for a test call to test the technology and connectivity.

How long does each call last?

Each call usually lasts between 10 to 20 mins

I have contacted my paired farmer/teacher and have received no reply, what should I do?

If you have had no contact, then please email [email protected]

What should I include in the calls?

Talk to your paired farmer/teacher about possible content for the calls, this can be linked to the student’s current learning /curriculum/syllabus. Ideas of previous good practice can be found in the case studies on the resources page. If you would like support in identifying what to focus on in the calls then please email [email protected]

I do not have access to FaceTime, can I still take part?

Farmer Time can be accessed through FaceTime, Skype or any social media video app that you have agreed with your matched farmer/teacher.

How many calls will I be expected to make if I sign up?

Farmer Time is an ongoing conversation between a farmer and a teacher that ideally lasts for an academic year. In many cases these conversations then continue into a second year when the teacher has a new class of students. However, at the end of every academic year both farmers and teachers are given the option to continue with their current pairing or be matched to a different age group or type of farm.

Can I be linked to my local school/farm?

Farmer Time is purely based on a virtual conversation paired farmers and schools are purposefully located in different parts of the country, we do not pair local farms and schools.

Does Farmer Time include a farm visit?

Farmer Time is a virtual conversation between the farm and the classroom and does not involve a farm visit as our paired farmers and schools are purposefully located in different parts of the country. However, if you are interested in visiting a farm local to you or hosting school visits on your farm then please do contact [email protected] for further advice on how to do this.

Farmer specific questions

I cannot get a signal on my farm, what should I do?

Once you have contacted your paired teacher then organise a trial call to establish the most effective place to make a connection on your farm, if you still cannot secure a connection then please contact [email protected]

How old will the students be that I am matched with?

We currently have students participating across the UK from age 4 to 18 years, if you would like to FaceTime a specific age group then please do contact [email protected]

Teacher specific questions

What type of farm will I be matched with?

We have many different areas of agriculture represented in Farmer Time, if you would like to FaceTime a specific type of farm then please indicate this on the sign-up form in the subject section.

Are all the Farmers DBS checked?

Currently we ask schools to follow their own safeguarding procedures, including not leaving their students alone to Farmer Time. We also ask the farmers to ensure the teacher is present throughout the FaceTime call. As the farmers would never be left alone with students there is no legal requirement for them to be DBS checked. However, all farmers that have signed up to participate have agreed to follow our Safeguarding Code of Conduct.

If you have any further questions then please do contact [email protected]

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