Sim­ply Sus­tain­able Series

Take a look at all of LEAF’s Sim­ply Sus­tain­able Series of tech­ni­cal guid­ance book­lets below: cov­er­ing plas­tics, soil, water, bio­di­ver­si­ty, biose­cu­ri­ty and Inte­grat­ed Pest Man­age­ment. Sim­ple, free, prac­ti­cal advice and case stud­ies to help farm­ers deliv­er more sus­tain­able, regen­er­a­tive farm­ing through Inte­grat­ed Farm Management.

NEW! Simply Sustainable Plastics

Plastics are everywhere on farms. From greenhouses, polytunnels, silage wrap, mulching, plastic reservoirs and irrigation systems, their presence is all pervasive across all agricultural sectors. Whilst there are benefits of plastics in producing and protecting food, most are still single-use and pose a serious risk of pollution and harm to human and ecosystem health.

This booklet takes you through six simple steps which can be incorporated into your farming system and as part of Integrated Farm Management (IFM). They cover usage of plastic, waste management practices, and future actions, all of which together form part of a wider Plastic Waste Audit and Action Plan, helping you monitor your progress on an annual basis.

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