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Roger Clarke of Bicton and Duchy College is looking for some help:

Having been successful in my application for this bursary I have just returned from two weeks in New Zealand, have a date to visit some German training providers in October and would very much like the opportunity to talk to colleagues from other colleges in the UK involved in apprenticeship delivery and assessment as part of my research programme.

The project is the analysis and subsequent evaluation of apprenticeship delivery models. Key focal areas for investigation will be the specific industry requirements, delivery of new technology and looking into the training providers’ level of delivery alongside employer engagement. The research will hopefully permit access to observations of ‘off the job’ vocational training and the variations being utilised. The delivery methods considered exemplary can be analysed to decipher how learners are encouraged to undertake the provision and the variations of providers USPs, however I will not be sharing or naming individual colleges information but looking to publish a generic summary. The conclusion will provide the National group of colleges (LANDEX), to be presented with a vocational model of delivery that might be considered unprecedented against those currently used enabling colleges to use this information where required?

By revamping vocational training and raising the standards through adopting the most prestigious practices learners will be encouraged to see vocational training as an exciting option. Ensuring the models are academic, challenging and motivational will also encourage young people into a career that historically may not have interested them.

As we all know the UK Apprenticeship sector is undergoing significant changes and without ensuring the most successful delivery methods are being utilised the provision will not provide an effective workforce or meet the needs of the fast changing industries.

Training needs to be exemplary and benefit the industry and individual farmers directly and more employers need to understand the benefit of apprenticeships and get involved with supporting their local colleges. The identification of the most effective delivery methods are vital and must be supported by experienced trainers, researchers and industry experts to enthuse learners in the subject area. Bespoke and modern training will culminate in a motivated and passionate ‘next generation’ workforce bringing value and prestige to the Land Based sector.

I would love to talk to you if you have any views, opinions or experiences you wish to share as part of this study, please do e mail me [email protected]