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Last year LEAF Education initiated LEAF Demonstration Schools as examples of schools showing good practice in incorporating food and farming topics throughout their curriculum.

Chilmark and Fonthill Bishop Primary School in Salisbury decided to become a LEAF Education Demonstration School as staff are passionate that their curriculum should include opportunities to learn about where food comes from and how it is produced with clear links to the countryside and farming.

Sarah Farrant, who is leading this initiative, believes being awarded the Bronze level status is exciting as the children are given a range of opportunities to stimulate their imagination and sustain their interest in farming and the outdoor environment. The staff team have made a commitment to developing their own expertise in this area of learning with two members of staff attending a LEAF Education training course on the journey of food from field to fork. Sarah also coordinates an extra-curricular activity programme entitled ‘Watch us Grow’ which includes a focus on the food supply chain and the importance of healthy eating. The school plans different events throughout the year to showcase their learning and encourage their pupils to apply it to a real-life context. This includes selling the school-grown produce of vegetables and eggs and holding pupil competitions for the largest pumpkin, tallest sunflower and tastiest homemade bread to name a few. The school also includes school-grown vegetables as part of their lunch salad bar.