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Syon Park Fishery hosted its first Young Anglers’ Day on Tuesday 10th April 2018. Two professional guides were kindly provided by the Salmon and Trout Conservation Trust. Many months of planning had gone into arranging the day; spreading information, booking all slots, creating a lesson plan for each session, and most importantly providing fish!

Three sessions of 10 Young Anglers were held. They were taught the basics of casting a fly line, the flies we use and how they imitate the invertebrates that live in the water, and the importance of anglers as the eyes and ears of the aquatic environment.

An extremely busy day with fishing lines flying constantly in a surprisingly controlled manner. Most anglers had picked up the basics of casting within 10 minutes, with a lifetime of practice now required to hone the craft. Within an hour of each session knees were shaking and arms were aching as our newly hooked anglers started to reel in their catch. The best part… every single angler caught a trout to take home for dinner!

Our next Young Anglers Day will be held in September, please email [email protected] for more information about dates, guides, and prices.