LEAF’s Farm­ing Fortnight

In June 2019 (3rd15th) LEAF Edu­ca­tion will launch the UK’s first Farm­ing Fortnight.

Pri­ma­ry and sec­ondary schools will be encour­aged to have a fort­night focus on British Farm­ing and Food Pro­duc­tion. The fort­night is being devel­oped by LEAF Edu­ca­tion and Brock­hill Park School, fol­low­ing the teenag­er research devel­oped dur­ing 2018.

The topics covered during Farming Fortnight and the # for social media devised by the students at Brockhill are:

Week 1:

· Introduction to the British Countryside and food production #MarketMonday

· Arable - wheat and oats #TractorTuesday

· Sheep #WoolyWednesday

· Pigs #Oink

· Chickens (poultry) #FeatheredFriday

Week 2:

· Cows – beef and dairy #MooingMonday

· Fruit and Vegetable production #TastyTuesday

· Woodland #WellyWednesday

· Jobs/careers #FutureFarming

· Programme summary to recap on what has been learnt #FarmingFriday

We are designing a Countryside Classroom webpage with all of the resources available to download for all to use during the fortnight. These include short videos from young people who can share information with their peers. We would ask that anything on social media uses the correct # for the day plus #FarmingFortnight.

Farmers – please let your school contacts know and tweet during the fortnight.

Please spread the word and we hope you’ll support us for Farming Fortnight!