New resources from LEAF Education(for primary age children)

Our amazing team of LEAF Regional Education Consultants are usually very busy at this time of year organising and delivering farm visits but in light of the current situation they have been using their talents in other ways, mainly in the production of exciting new resources for teachers and farm educators.

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23 days of Bees

A resource with a focus on bees that is buzzing with activities! There is information, art projects, crafts, honey tasting, music and more. The resource has a fun format, allowing you or your children to choose individual activities. Why not try one a day or opt for a whole topic on bees!

How to plan safe, curriculum linked visits to farms: a handbook for teachers

Although we can’t carry out farm visits at present, we need to be optimistic and look to the future when visits will resume and when teachers may need support.

The handbook covers all the essential aspects of organising school farm visits; from what to include in a risk assessment, to linking visits to the curriculum. There is also information on the types of farms offering visits as well as what to look for on a pre-visit.

Teacher training - farm visits online workshop

Although aimed at Primary PGCE students as part of their Outdoor Learning Specialism, this online workshop is a useful exercise for any teacher considering taking their students on a farm visit. It should be used in conjunction with LEAF's 'How to plan curriculum linked & safe visits to farms: A handbook for teachers' -

Exploring arable farming KS2

This resource contains a set of teacher notes and accompanying PowerPoint slides. Through a series of activities pupils will consider the purpose of farms and what they provide us with. Pupils will then focus on arable farming and the products we obtain from crops. Pupils will explore seasonality and identify the growing season for various fruit and vegetables. The final part of the session allows pupils to think about what it is like to be a farmer and the skills farmers need.

New Dairy Resources

Teachers and farm educators - need some help talking about milk matters? Find here a quiz, discussion starters and a PowerPoint about milk production to get you on your way with all things dairy.

Farm Animal Facts

This activity is designed for Year 5 pupils as part of the Science Topic, "All living things and their habitat". The children will briefly look at where food comes from (plants and animals) and types of farming in the UK. The PowerPoint, teacher notes and "Farm Animal Facts" game allow pupils to learn fun facts related to the life cycle of farm animals. Pupils will learn the difference between mammal and bird life cycles as well as explore extinction and endangered animals in relation to farm animals. In addition pupils will think about the people who look after farm animals and what it is like to work on a farm.

Exploring Farming, KS1

This resource contains a set of teacher notes and accompanying Power Point slides. Through a series of activities pupils will think about what we might find on a farm and what we get from farms. Pupils will also explore what it is like to be a farmer and the jobs farmers do on a farm.

Farming and wildlife

An introduction to how farmers produce our food and also care for the countryside. Practical task surveying the school grounds and planning how they could be improved using inspiration from farms.

How do you choose what you eat?

This resource encourages students of all ages to recognise the different elements of food production that can affect both the taste and nutritional value of food. As students prioritise what they feel is the most important factor when making food choices, the workshop introduces, and enables them to use, common food-assurance schemes to help make informed food choices.