Secondary food and farming visits

Although the Goodwood Estate hosts almost 2000 children annually at Home Farm, it has been hard to attract secondary schools. So what did they do to tackle this challenge?

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Last year Education Officer Sarah Stewart got together with Darron Bunn, Goodwood’s Executive Chef, to design a new programme for Catering and Food Tech students. Four schools (100+ children) visited and are re-booking this year. The students start with a tour of the estate’s organic farm with Education Trust staff, and learn how pigs, sheep and cows are looked after, see where Goodwood’s meat is butchered and where the milk and cheese is processed.

Following this, they move on to the Estate’s sustainable restaurant, where Darron hosts a workshop to explain the relationship between field and fork at Goodwood. He presents and discusses a wonderful display of ingredients before they visit the restaurant kitchen to watch some food preparation and presentation. After tasting the finished dishes back in the restaurant Darron explains careers paths in food and hospitality. (Goodwood has a Chef Academy with apprentices working in the kitchens and different areas of the farm and food processing)

Sarah can’t wait for her new building when they can offer cooking as part of all the farm visits!