Sum­mer update on Farmer Time

Although Farmer Time has not active­ly been pair­ing teach­ers and farm­ers whilst home school­ing and lock­down mea­sures are in place, some estab­lished part­ner­ships have adapt­ed with inno­v­a­tive ways to bring a lit­tle of the farm into the pupils’ homes.

Although Farmer Time has not actively been pairing teachers and farmers whilst home schooling and lockdown measures are in place, some established partnerships have adapted with innovative ways to bring a little of the farm into the pupils’ homes.

Miss Berry from Washingborough Academy, and farmer Christopher Foster are a prime example of this. They have developed a system whereby the farmer sends in video footage to Miss Berry, who then shares these videos over secure pages on social media that her class have access to.

“Farmer Time is honestly one of the most rewarding experiences. The children (and staff) are gaining so much knowledge around farming and food in a fun and interactive way.” (Miss Berry)

Internationally, Finland have launched their first year running Farmer Time, and have got off to a good start, with great interest from both farmers and schools.

Farmer Time is a great initiative for both schools and farmers, and incredibly rewarding with 100% of teachers and farmers recommending this to others!! Active pairings will restart in September so to take be part of rewarding initiative, Sign up here.