The diversity of farm visits at Whetstone Pastures

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We have been hosting groups of all kinds at our farm for many years - Schools, Rotary, Disabled groups, Cubs and Brownies, Mothers’ Union to name a few! But one day stands out that highlighted that diversity.

Living just 6 miles from Leicester city we get used to seeing the excitement of children as they step off their bus and sit on bales in our Outdoor Classroom (a Dutch Barn). This day it was a small group of Muslim pupils who needed an interpreter as English was not their first language. They jumped from the bus and then did what no other group had done before or since -stood perfectly still on the bales totally absorbed by the sight of green fields, trees and growing fruit. It was a magical moment as they stood transfixed. Everything we did that afternoon was a new experience - from the trailer ride, picking strawberries, listening to the birds and having a very close encounter with my pet goat Mimi. But also memorable was the contrast that day. Just as they were petting the goat in the farm yard in came a large posh coach containing Nuffield scholar students in to see our new dairy tenant and his herd of Friesian cows. We could not help but smile and realise how fortunate we are to be able to host such varied groups who in different ways learn so much about food and farming. But it’s more than just learning facts: it’s an experience that hopefully will remain with them for a very long time.