The LEAF Caroline Drummond Scholarship for Innovation in Sustainability

Commemorating and building on the life, achievements and vision of Caroline Drummond MBE.

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Through her work with LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming), Caroline pioneered the development of sustainable farming systems. With her vision for Integrated Farm Management, she brought sustainable farming into public awareness and through her collaboration and communication skills she championed its use in the UK, and then globally, for the benefit of the environment, farmers, and consumers. The Scholarship was created to build on the strong foundations for change which Caroline created and developed during her lifetime.

The LEAF Caroline Drummond Scholarship for Innovation in Sustainability offers you the opportunity to sponsor this globally important work as we collectively seek to develop innovation which brings climate positive change. As a business, contributing to the Scholarship is an opportunity for you to demonstrate that your ESG lens is focused on areas with potentially significant impact.

About The Scholarship

LEAF will award an annual scholarship for research and/or projects which will deliver climate positive change, build resilience in our food production systems or support the health, diversity and enrichment of food, farms, the environment and society.

The recipient of the Scholarship will need to clearly demonstrate how they will use it to build on Caroline’s and LEAF’s vision for more sustainable global farming and food production and drive climate positive change.

The Scholarship is open to researchers or developers from universities, institutes, commercial companies, farmers and individuals from relevant non-profit organisations and charities. Funding can be used for scientific, technical, engineering or business development projects. Collaboration with other partners will be accepted and, if appropriate, encouraged.

How can you help?

Help us ensure that Caroline Drummond’s and LEAF’s vision for more sustainable and climate positive global farming and food systems continues, by providing financial support for this scholarship. Through it, we will support cutting edge projects and leading thinkers to build on her legacy and expertise, which has left an enduring impact on farming, food production, the environment and future generations.

We are offering the opportunity for you to support the Scholarship through a choice of three different levels of sponsorship:


A maximum of 6 patrons will be appointed. You will receive an exclusive package of benefits to profile your support and ensure you help shape the direction, priorities and future development of the Scholarship.


Our champion category provides smaller companies, and businesses associated with agriculture the opportunity to support the Scholarship.


Our supporter category provides individuals with the opportunity to make a one off donation to support the Scholarship. To make a donation at the Supporter level (up to £150) please click here.

How can you apply?

Applications for The LEAF Caroline Drummond Scholarship for Innovation in Sustainability are now OPEN and will close on the 30th June 2024.

This year, we are particularly interested to receive submissions for projects that have the potential to scale the adoption and implementation of nature-based solutions within farming systems, aligned to the principles of regenerative agriculture and Integrated Farm Management.

Please read the full criteria, before submitting your application form to [email protected].