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LEAF Marque Standard Version 16.0

Following a comprehensive two year consultation, we are pleased to publish the new version of the LEAF Marque Standard, which will be effective from the 1st April 2023. Please note that until 1st April 2023, the definitive version of the LEAF Marque Standard for all inspections will be v15.0.

Obtaining stakeholder feedback is an essential process in revising the LEAF Marque Standard, and public consultation plays an important part. For the LEAF Marque Standard v16.0 Draft, public consultation ran from November 2021 to January 2022. For a synopsis of the feedback received and response by LEAF Marque, please see the Public Consultation Synopsis. We welcome feedback on the LEAF Marque Standard at any time, please get in touch at [email protected].

The LEAF Marque Standard v16.0 is available below in English, French, Spanish and Italian. (The English version of the Standard is the definitive version and therefore any issues of interpretation from other translations need to be referred to the English version).

The new version of the LEAF Marque Standard includes developments in the following areas:

Climate Resilience

Landscape and nature conservation

Greenhouse gases and Carbon Sequestration

Carbon Footprinting

Soil Health

Nutrient Management

Crop Health and Protection


Animal Husbandry

View our booklet on the key changes here

LEAF Mar­que Stan­dard v16.0 — French

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LEAF Mar­que Stan­dard v16.0 — Spanish

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LEAF Mar­que Stan­dard v16.0 — Italian

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LEAF Marque Standard v16.0 Checklist

Plan, Policy & Risk Assessment Checklist

LEAF Marque Glossary v2

LEAF Product List

LEAF Marque Standard Version 15.0

As stated above, v16.0 of the LEAF Marque Standard does not come into effect until 1st April 2023, so any inspections completed up to then will still be audited against v15.0.

You can find the LEAF Marque Standard v15.0, as well as the relevant documents, below.

To reduce environmental impacts, our documents are primarily available electronically. Hard copies of the LEAF Marque Standard and other related materials are available on request at a reasonable handling fee, please contact: [email protected]

LEAF Mar­que Stan­dard v16.0 — What has changed?

This short book­let sets out the key changes to the new ver­sion of the Stan­dard. These changes will come into effect on April 1st 2023

View the booklet here

LEAF Product List

From the 1st January 2020, all LEAF Marque certificates will list the business’ LEAF Marque certified products. Businesses must list all their products when completing the LEAF Sustainable Farming Review or editing LEAF Charity Membership Information. During a LEAF Marque Audit, this information will be verified by auditors (see LEAF Marque Standard v15.0: Control Point 1.3).

For information on the products eligible for LEAF Marque certification, see the LEAF Product List.

LEAF Marque Approved Baseline Certification Systems

To be LEAF Marque certified, businesses must have a baseline certification system for each product (see LEAF Marque Standard v15.0: Control Point 1.2). The baseline certification system must be approved by LEAF Marque; see the LEAF Product List for the list of LEAF Marque approved baseline certification systems. Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like LEAF Marque to review a baseline certification system.

The LEAF Marque Standard v15.0 states the only two exemptions to this requirement, in which a business can still be certified despite a product not having a LEAF Marque approved baseline certification system:

  • Minor products which do not contribute a significant commercial value to the business are exempt if the outcome of these activities is not detrimental to the farm as a whole. These products should not take up a significant part of the business’ time or land.
  • Products for which there is not a baseline certification system are exempt if the outcome of these activities is not detrimental to the farm as a whole.

    If there is any uncertainty about whether you meet the exemption criteria or the above requirements, please get in touch at [email protected].

    Set­ting the LEAF Mar­que Standard

    Learn more about how we set the LEAF Mar­que Stan­dard, and ways that you can get involved in the process, includ­ing giv­ing feedback. 

    We wel­come any feed­back, com­ments or ques­tions on any aspect of the LEAF Mar­que Sys­tem, includ­ing the Stan­dard, at all times. 

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    Claims & Labelling

    A Claims & Labelling Licence is need­ed for each prod­uct in which a LEAF Mar­que claim is made. A LEAF Mar­que claim is any com­bi­na­tion of the use of the LEAF Mar­que logo and/​or a sus­tain­abil­i­ty claim used to set apart and pro­mote a prod­uct, process, busi­ness or ser­vice that is based on achieve­ment of LEAF Mar­que certification.

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