LEAF organise events throughout the year to debate, inform, educate and celebrate the work that goes into protecting the environment and agriculture.

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Webi­nar Series: LEAF Mar­que Stan­dard v17.0 Draft

With our pub­lic con­sul­ta­tion on the LEAF Mar­que Stan­dard v17.0 Draft open­ing on the 12th March, join the LEAF Mar­que team for a series of webi­na­rs dis­cussing the pro­posed changes to the Stan­dard. Hear prac­ti­cal tips and solu­tions, share best prac­tice and get involved in inter­ac­tive dis­cus­sions on the chal­lenges and oppor­tu­ni­ties pre­sent­ed by the changes.

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From Catch­ments to Land­scapes: Sus­tain­able Water Man­age­ment On-Farm

Thurs­day 25th April 2024

Join the LEAF team at Dyson Farm­ing, to dis­cov­er how farm­ers and land man­agers can best pro­tect water and improve farm resilience.

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LEAF Education Events

Farmer Train­ing & Events

If you’re a farmer or farm edu­ca­tor look­ing to start run­ning edu­ca­tion­al vis­its on your premis­es or want train­ing to improve what you can offer, LEAF Edu­ca­tion is here to help.

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Teacher Train­ing & CPD

With our accred­it­ed ITT and CPD cours­es, you’ll learn how to engage your pupils with the food and farm­ing sec­tors and how to run safe, cur­ricu­lum-linked activ­i­ties on a farm.

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