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Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 07749 497041

Fiona has a longstanding passion and connection within the agricultural and educational sectors. Her breadth of experience over the last 10 years within education, as a qualified Primary School teacher, and her previous work in agriculture connecting farmers, researchers and technologists around developing agri-tech, highlights her passion and commitment to engage and educate young people about the countryside, farming and where their food comes from. Prior to joining LEAF Education, Fiona has established a diverse range of experiences from: collaborating on projects to engage young children in farming, guest lecturing for further and higher education providers, to leading a forum to bring early career farmers, scientists, and technologists together and out onto farms.

Fiona’s keen interest in education and agriculture led to her joining LEAF Education. Excited about technological and innovation developments in agriculture, Fiona is keen to share her knowledge in this area and engage learners with varied opportunities to explore the use of technology and innovation within agriculture.