E W Davies

E W Davies have adopt­ed pre­ci­sion farm­ing and mod­ern tech­niques, with­in the frame­work of Inte­grat­ed Farm Man­age­ment (IFM), to be a pro­duc­tive arable business.


Farmer: Jeremy Durrant

Address: The Hydes, Thaxted, Dunmow, Essex, CM6 3QB

Website: www.ewdaviesfarms.co.uk Twitter: @EWDaviesFarms

E W Davies Farms Ltd is a 1300 hectare family owned arable business based in Essex specialising in contract farming. The Davies family started farming at the original farm in Waltham Abbey in 1913; although we still farm the original land, the company has been based at Thaxted since 1987. We have adopted precision farming and modern techniques, within the framework of Integrated Farm Management (IFM), to be a productive arable business.

Member since 2012 and LEAF Demonstration Farm since 2017

The Farm

E W Davies Farms Ltd is a 1300 hectare family owned arable business specialising in contract farming and growing a range of combinable crops such as wheat, barley, rape, beans, peas, oats and linseed all destined for specific pre-determined markets. Sugar beet is also grown for British Sugar as well as grass for forage to an anaerobic digester.

A 200 strong flock of Polled Dorset sheep has been introduced to the farm to complement the arable system with herbal leys which have improved soil health and help aid blackgrass control. E W Davies has also diversified into B&B indoor pigs.



Cover crops are integrated into the rotation in front of spring crops and provide feed for lambs during the winter months. Rotations are planned to suit individual fields and pesticides and artificial fertilisers used only where necessary. The farm adopts precision farming such as the Control Traffic Farming (CTF) system, and modern techniques within the framework of Integrated Farm Management (IFM).

The farm has a large network of environmental areas which are well connected through wildlife corridors. A local wildlife photographer monitors and records what species are present on the farm at different times of the year. Most of the water used for spraying is from rainwater collected from roofs and springs, and a high proportion of electric used is generated from a purpose built Solar Barn.


E W Davies participates in LEAF Open Farm Sunday and displays LEAF information boards d around all the footpaths that cross the farm. A platform has also been installed on one of the reservoirs to enable local primary school children to learn about the importance of clean, healthy water through activities such as pond dipping.

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