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Lockerley Estate is a 1,000 hectare arable and sheep farm with a working forestry enterprise situated in East Tytherley, Hampshire.

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Farmer: Craig Livingstone

Address: East Tytherley, Hampshire, SO20 8DF

Certification: LEAF Marque

Member since 2019 and LEAF Demonstration Farm since 2019


At the core of our business is 1350ha of arable farming which is split between two main sites (Lockerley estate and Preston farms). At Lockerley, we also farm for three neighbours on a contract farm agreement. In the spring of 2016 there was a shift in how we wanted to farm and our core principles align us with a regenerative approach to crop production.


Integration of livestock is a key feature of the regenerative farming system that is practiced on the farm. We have a very close working relationship with a local shepherd, and in the winter circa 1300 sheep move on to the cover crops in mid-October and graze through until mid-February, and then come into the sheds for lambing. We have also introduced 9 English longhorn cattle to some grass fields which will be used to recreate a wilding area. Below ground livestock is also incredibly important and the microbiology in the soil are the most precious treasure we farm. Feeding this livestock below ground is as important as the ones that walk on the surface and our regenerative farming methods support both.


Woodland makes up an important part of Lockerley Estate covering an area 235 ha / 580 ac. In recent years a continuous cover forestry system has been adopted which ensures timber production and biodiversity can co-exist in harmony.


Lockerley Estate wildlife includes some of the country's most important wildlife, including the Barbastelle bat and rare cornfield flowers. In January 2022 we entered an ambitious application for a Higher Tier grant which took nearly two years to gain approval. In total we have 426ha of land under this scheme which makes up 42% of the estate. This complex management plan covers both farm and woodland and incorporates two Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) and one Special Area of Conservation (SAC).

Farm Gate Produce

We produce ecologically grown vegetables, fruits, herbs & flowers, all of which are harvested by hand to ensure it’s as fresh and nutritious as it possibly can be. We offer veg boxes to our local community and also supply local shops and bakeries with our own flour and free-range eggs.


The Estate has a strong commitment to community outreach as a way of promoting British agriculture and the work farmers do to manage and enhance the countryside. Strong links have been established with several local groups who regularly visit the Estate, ranging from the local community to policy makers and fellow farmers.


If you are interested in visiting this LEAF Demonstration Farm, then please contact [email protected]. Thank you.

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