Newhouse Farm

Newhouse Farm produces a range of combinable crops and high-quality meat, with the aim of farming openly and collaboratively and encouraging others to share in what they are doing. The farm was one of four farms which took part in the first cohort of the Resilient & Ready programme, a partnership between LEAF and Corteva Agriscience.

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Farm Manager: Andy Bason

Address: Newhouse Farm, Northington Down, Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 9UB

Contact: [email protected]

Website: https://www.newhousefarmpartnership.co.uk/

Member since 2020, LEAF Demonstration Farm since 2022

Social Media: Instagram - @newhousefarmpartnership, Facebook - Newhouse Farm, Twitter - @AndyBason

The Farm

The 800ha estate has 600ha put to arable cropping which has been min-till cultivated for two decades. Andy Bason, Farm Manager, uses variable rate technology for fertiliser, nitrogen and seed with parts of the farm set aside for trials to test new techniques in crop management. Elsewhere, there is 70ha of woodland, a small sheep flock and a pig herd. Andy is keen on communication and regularly hosts school visits and LEAF Open Farm Sunday.

As well as the arable land at Newhouse Farm, a 10ha agroforestry field has recently been planted. This consists of 7 strips of trees 30m apart with wildflower Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strips as an under-story, and it will be monitored as part of a PhD project with the University of Reading. Another 10ha field has been put aside for woodland creation using a Forestry Commission woodland creation grant. This area will also include a pond and woodland rides.

All of the produce from the farm’s livestock are sold locally through a meatbox scheme and at farmers' markets held twice a year at the farm.

Resilient & Ready programme

Newhouse Farm was one of four farms which took part in the Resilient & Ready programme, a partnership between LEAF and Corteva Agriscience which supported the farms in a tailored programme of training, consultancy and trials, measuring their performance and sharing their experiences with other farmers across the UK. The launch of Newhouse Farm as a LEAF Demonstration Farm was the culmination of three years involvement in the Resilient & Ready programme.

Research interests:

  • Agroforestry
  • Cover crops
  • Precision technology


Newhouse Farm welcomes visitors by appointment. If you are interested in visiting this LEAF Demonstration Farm, then please contact [email protected]. Thank you.

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