Varfell Farms

Varfell Farms is the world's largest grower and packer of daffodils and one of the UK’s largest agri-business firms, supplying blooms and bulbs to multiple retailers including M&S, Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsburys, B&Q and exporting into Europe. The farm has been LEAF Marque certified since 2012.

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Farms Director: Simon Gardner

Address: Varfell Farms, Longrock, Penzance TR20 8AQ

  • LEAF member since 2005
  • LDF since 2023
  • LEAF Marque certified

Website: https://www.varfell.com/

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Varfell Farms covers over 1000 hectares of land in the South West, primarily growing daffodils for the cut flower market. Although being in the ornamentals business, Varfell has an extended 10-year rotation growing cereals, potatoes and brassicas with tailored cover crops between every cash crop. Following significant investment over the last decade, Varfell has improved soil and plant health, reduced erosion and runoff as well as minimising input costs. A diverse rotation including cover cropping elements carefully designed to enhance soil health; controlled traffic farming to minimise soil compaction and reduced tillage to promote beneficial microbes, are all part of the farm’s regenerative approach. The farm is also at the forefront of driving innovation and uses the latest automation technology such as optical grades, GPS, drones, satellite imagery, radar and lidar to drive efficiencies across the business.

Varfell Farms is unique in that it is a fully integrated business, growing, packing and supplying over 200 daffodil varieties to both UK and European retailers. Since joining Varfell in 2018, Simon has transformed the business with the main aims of protecting and improving soil health and local water quality, reducing artificial inputs, and providing high quality conditions for seasonal workers.

Varfell Farms was part of the Penwith Farming Futures project, run in collaboration between LEAF and the Penwith Landscape Partnership. The project worked with farmers over three years to support farm businesses which are sensitive to Penwith's landscape, heritage and biodiversity. The project supported a number of growers in the Penwith region to become LEAF Marque certified and worked to promote farming practices that are sustainable and conducive to protecting and enhancing the soil; and conserving and protecting the natural, built and cultural heritage of the Penwith region.

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  • Soil and water erosion
  • Regenerative farming
  • Carbon
  • Soil health
  • Innovation
  • Long working hours in the agricultural/horticultural industry