Worth Farms Ltd

Worth Farms Ltd is a farm­ing busi­ness locat­ed on Hol­beach Marsh, South Lin­colnshire. The 2,400 hectare arable farm is a sub­sidiary of A H Worth and Com­pa­ny Ltd where the pro­duc­tion of pota­toes, vin­ing peas, wheat, sug­ar beet, bras­si­cas, sal­ads and ener­gy crops are grown over an eight year sus­tain­able crop rotation.

Farmer: Simon Day

Address: Fleet Estate, Office Holbeach Hurn, Spalding, PE12 8LR

Website: www.ahworth.co.uk

Twitter: @ah_worth @sje_day

Member since 2001 and LEAF Demonstration Farm since 1997

The Farm

Worth Farms Ltd is a 2,400 hectare farming business located on Holbeach Marsh, South Lincolnshire and is a subsidiary of A H Worth and Company Ltd. An eight year sustainable rotation is followed growing potatoes, vining peas, wheat, sugar beet, brassicas, speciality salads and energy crops. Potatoes are the main crop produced primarily for the retail sector. A small amount of the potato crop is sold when they are harvested but the majority is stored in state of the art storage facilities for selling throughout the season. Rye and Maize is fed to the onsite AD which supplies 90% of the site’s electricity.



A H Worth are market leaders in utilising technology in farming with significant investment in robotics and precision packing.

The farm has a long tradition of maintaining and improving landscape features and wildlife habitats through good soil management, rotational hedge and dyke cutting, management of six metre buffer strips and conservation headlands. Marsh Harriers have successfully nested on the farm for the last ten years and Barn Owl numbers have steadily increased through careful habitat management. Plant protection product and energy usage is minimised where possible. Worth Farms is furthermore a M&S Demonstration Farm in the Farming for Nature project.

The farm regularly host visits for local schools, farmers and a wide range of interest groups and also takes part in LEAF Open Farm Sunday

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