Bay­er CropScience

Bay­er Crop­Science is one of the world’s lead­ing research-inten­sive com­pa­nies in agri­cul­ture offer­ing a range of prod­ucts to improve crop health.

Primary Contact: Philip Hartley (Farm Manager)

[email protected] | 01223 847340

Bayer has two research farms, Little Shelford and Chishill Orchard, of around 20 hectares in South Cambridgeshire where some of their development and research is based. Farm activities are driven by R&D and personal interest of the farm team. The farms are very diverse and incorporate multiple biodiversity building activities;


To deliver world-class innovation, set new standards in sustainability, and drive digital transformation.


Bayer offers extensive environmental stewardship activities, such as the Bayer Phytobac, and various Agri Services e.g. pest forecasting and agronomy apps. In collaboration with farmers and other partners, the Bayer Forward Farming initiative also enables knowledge sharing about modern and sustainable agriculture through first-hand experiences on independent farms around the world.

Bayer CropScience works in partnership with agronomists and wildlife charities to ensure appropriate use of crop protection and has a long-term commitment to education. The farm also holds 20 years’ worth of bird surveys. Their goal is to create a patchwork of habitats, biodiversity alongside production.

Research interests:

Bayer CropScience has leading research capabilities in biology, biotechnology, chemistry, and data science.