Stockbridge Technology Centre

The Stockbridge Technology Centre (STC) is an independent centre of excellence, created by a grower-led initiative and supported by both the production and supply sectors of the industry.

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Primary Contact: Julian Davies (Agronomy Director)

[email protected] | 01757 268275

It has over 70 ha of good quality irrigated land capable of growing most horticultural and arable crops. A wide range of crops are grown at the STC covering field vegetables, salads, protected edible and non-edibles. Around 22 acres of farmland is managed for wildlife. The protected crops unit consists of over 40 modern glasshouses (ranging from 12-1000m2) suitable for both small-scale studies and commercial demonstration trials. The centre also has modern laboratories and culture rooms and an area of Spanish tunnels. The centre houses an Advanced Glasshouse Facility and CHAP’s Vertical LED farm facility. Off-centre sites are used for selected crops when different geographical areas or soil types are required.

STC is additionally renowned for its research into rhubarb resulting in the development of several varieties including Stockbridge Arrow, Stockbridge Bingo, Stockbridge Guardsman and Stockbridge Harbinger.


To ensure continued technological developments for the horticultural industry.


The work at STC is commercially run for industry use with 90% of trialling currently commercial. 90% of work is also based around IFM. Current projects involve looking at pea alternatives and contract research.

Projects: H2020 Diversify

Areas of farmland are set aside for conservation projects including ponds and ditches and field margins.

The centre hosts annual open days to the public to view current trials and commercial growing practices and hosts small groups from the local community in the summer months. Additionally, the centre connects with local primary schools offering a range of Education Projects including growing, harvesting, cooking and nature activities, and is a LEAF Ed member, previously hosting OFS.

The STC also offers a range of commercial services to the horticultural industry and has an information and communication portal for the UK Horticultural Industry.

Research interests:

The centre carries out applied research and development projects that look to maintain soil quality, optimise pest, disease and weed control, crop nutrition, sustainable growing media, encourage biodiversity and developing LED vertical growing systems.

  • IPM
  • Weed and disease control
  • Variety testing
  • Nutrient management and efficiencies
  • Sustainable growing systems – field and protected
  • Substrates and reducing the use of peat