LEAF announces new ambitious 10 year strategy

Global sustainable farming organisation, LEAF, has launched an ambitious plan ‘to transform the farming and food systems through positive action for the climate, nature, the economy and society’.

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LEAF, the leading organisation for delivering and promoting climate positive, thriving, resilient and exemplar agro-ecological farming, says that climate change now poses the single biggest threat to the health of the planet and that farming is at the front line of delivering positive, climate smart solutions.

As the charity looks ahead to its landmark 30th anniversary in 2021, the next decade will mark a new chapter in the organisation’s history. It says it will challenge itself to develop new innovative ways to inspire and enable more circular approaches to farming and food systems by working with farmers, the food industry, scientists, environmentalists, teachers, young people and the wider society. Building on its core capabilities and strengths, LEAF is looking at new ways to deliver productivity and prosperity among farmers, enrich the environment and engage young people and society in a valuable and meaningful way.

Its newly launched 10-year strategy ‘LEAF for the Future – our 10 Year Strategy 2021-2031’ outlines an updated vision and mission, as well as new ambitions to deliver eight commitments over three key themes - Health, Diversity and Enrichment. The commitments will support LEAF’s ability to scale up change through deeper and extended partnerships and relationships, providing stronger business models and sustainable value offers and growing its reach internationally.

Caroline Drummond, LEAF Chief Executive, explained: “For more than three decades LEAF, along with our farmers and members, have been committed to driving change and delivering more sustainable farming, through the adoption of Integrated Farm Management. However, with the world under greater pressure to protect and regenerate its natural resources, now is the time for farming. Our pioneering new strategy will drive change at a grass roots level by developing and demonstrating regenerative, agro-ecological farming approaches, environmental enrichment and leadership in education and engaging society - in the UK and across the globe. Achieving this will help deliver game-changing benefits to farmers, our members, society and the environment.”

Philip Wynn, Chairman of LEAF, added: “As we head into 2021, a year that is set to be a game-changer in the fight against climate change, we are also entering a monumental year for LEAF as it celebrates its 30th anniversary. LEAF has seen significant transformation in the last three decades and is now leading the charge against climate change. We are helping to create systems change, in order to shift sustainability to new heights and we are proud to be a part of this journey.”

The LEAF 10-Year Strategy eight cross-cutting themes:

o Delivering Climate Positive Solutions

o Creating Beacons of Excellence

o Measuring Impact and Harmonising Metrics

o Building Sustainable Food Chains

o Growing Education and Engaging Society

o Cultivating Sustainable Health and Wellbeing

o Building Connections

o Scaling up Our Reach

The 10-year strategy 2021-2031 ‘LEAF for the Future’ was unveiled at the organisation’s Annual Conference on 20th November 2020.

The Strategy Launch Video can be seen below:

LEAF Annual Conference 2020: