LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) Response to Campaigners Following Michael Gove’s Speech at Oxford Farming Conference 2019

Environment Secretary Michael Gove spoke yesterday at the Oxford Farming Conference and shared his views around how farmers and food producers will be affected by Brexit. Mr Gove's speech was met by campaigners who called on him to set up an independent regulator to ensure that minimum standards are in place to protect water, soil, wildlife and animal welfare post-Brexit.

Speaking in response to this, Caroline Drummond, Chief Executive at LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) said: “Having been at the forefront of developing and delivering more sustainable farming for more than 27 years, LEAF is responsible for helping farmers develop the economic, environmental and social success of their businesses through LEAF Marque certification. As a leading global environmental assurance system, we believe that LEAF Marque should be the standard used industry-wide both in the UK and abroad.

“The LEAF Marque environmental assurance system is underpinned by the sustainable farming principles of Integrated Farm Management (IFM), which cover soil management and fertility, crop health and protection, pollution control and by-product management, animal husbandry, energy efficiency, water management, landscape and nature conservation, community engagement and organisation and planning.

“It supports farmers through developing the financial stability of their businesses, as well as protecting and enhancing the environment. In addition, it demonstrates continuous improvement and assures consumers that their food has been produced to high standards of environmental care. LEAF Marque certified businesses, which operate in 34 countries worldwide, have been independently verified against the robust LEAF Marque Standard and undergo an annual inspection.

“LEAF Marque works to build resilient businesses, particularly around the delivery of farming that integrates the needs and requirements of transformative food production that is productive, environmentally responsible and fit for the future. It is key to driving forward supply chain innovation, and engaging consumers in positive change.”

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