LEAF invites the indus­try to help shape the future of the LEAF Mar­que Standard

Today we announced the start of a pub­lic con­sul­ta­tion on the LEAF Mar­que Stan­dard (v16.0 Draft). The stan­dard sets out the require­ments for LEAF Mar­que certification.

LEAF is inviting its members, farmers, growers, academics, fellow NGOs, members of the public and other stakeholders to provide their views on the relevance, feasibility, and auditability of the proposed changes to the LEAF Marque Standard (v16.0 Draft). The consultation period opens today (17th November 2021) and runs until 17th January 2022. The survey (condensed and detail) can be completed online, and feedback can also be submitted by email ([email protected]), phone (+44 (0)2476 413911) or in writing.

Lucy Redmore, Assurance Manager at LEAF says:

“We are committed to listening, adapting and continually improving; obtaining stakeholder feedback is an essential part of revising our LEAF Marque Standard. We welcome and value the opinions of our members, farmers, growers, academics, fellow NGO’s, members of the public and other stakeholders. This consultation provides a great opportunity to help shape the future direction of the LEAF Marque Standard v16.0, as well as influence how the agricultural sector delivers more sustainable, regenerative, nature-based global farming and food systems. We encourage everyone to get involved and help us develop and evolve the next version of the LEAF Marque Standard. The feedback we receive is vital in ensuring LEAF Marque certification continues to act as a powerful catalyst for mobilising advances in more climate positive farming across the globe."

There are various ways to submit feedback on the LEAF Marque Standard (v16.0 Draft):

To support involvement of a wide range of global stakeholders, the surveys and summaries of changes are available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Egyptian Arabic.

In addition, LEAF is running three webinars to explain the main changes proposed, as well as providing an opportunity for feedback, - to register, please click the links below:

More information on the LEAF Marque Standard v16.0 Draft and how to get involved in the consultation can be found here