LEAF response to Defra announce­ment 5 Jan­u­ary 2023

LEAF wel­comes the announce­ment from the Farm­ing Min­is­ter today regard­ing the increase in pay­ments for farm­ers to enhance the envi­ron­ment and the recog­ni­tion it gives to the impact of ris­ing costs to farm businesses.

Vicky Robinson, Technical Director:

LEAF welcomes the announcement from the Farming Minister today regarding the increase in payments for farmers to enhance the environment and the recognition it gives to the impact of rising costs to farm businesses. Providing additional support for smaller farmers and tenant farmers is also welcomed given their important role in protecting and enhancing the environment alongside food production.

However, the increase in payments does not negate the desperate need for the detail farmers and growers require on the future schemes alongside building confidence that funds will remain in place beyond 2024. Delivering the UK’s legally binding environmental targets and the habitats required to meet the biodiversity targets agreed at COP15 requires long term commitment and investment from the Government for the farmers and growers who are central to achieving them. This is currently lacking and risks slowing the pace required to deliver these vital outcomes.

For over 30 years, LEAF has been developing and promoting more regenerative, nature-based farming delivered through Integrated Farm Management. As the future of our natural environment hangs in the balance, we provide farmers with the tools, knowledge, and skills to improve practices and support thriving habitats whilst reducing emissions and environmental impact. We look forward to continuing to support the government as it develops the details that are urgently required to deliver their recommendations and targets on net zero, biodiversity and landscape enhancement.