Three crop rule dero­ga­tion urgent­ly need­ed to man­age flood impacts — The UK Farm­ing Roundtable

The UK Farm­ing Round­table have issued a press release this morn­ing, call­ing for urgent relax­ation of the three crop rule (requir­ing farm­ers to have three crops in the ground on their farm between 1 May and 30 June) and to widen the extent and fund­ing of the Farm­ing Recov­ery Fund’.

Three crop rule derogation urgently needed to manage flood impacts

With thousands of farmers across the country battling floods after Storm Dennis and unable to get onto their land to plant crops, farming organisations from across the UK have asked for an urgent relaxation of the three-crop rule1.

The UK Farming Roundtable, which met today, has called for the government to grant a derogation from the rule and to broad the extent and funding of the ‘Farming Recovery Fund’, to help flood-hit farmers with any uninsurable losses as a result of flooding.

A joint statement from the UK Farming Roundtable said: “We are facing an unprecedented situation. Relentless rain has meant some farmers won’t have been able to get on their land since the Autumn.

“A significant area of farmland is currently underwater following two storms in two weeks, compounding the already wet ground conditions from this winter. Many farmers were unable to plant winter crops and are now facing great difficulty planting spring crops.

“There will be many farmers out there really struggling; not just with the immediate impacts of the current flood water but the knock-on effects of damage to farmland and buildings, as well as significant impacts to this seasons cropping.

“They will be looking to the Government to be practical and we are urging them to grant a derogation from the three crop rule, which is completely unworkable for farmers across the country this year. We are also urging the government to reinstate the Farming Recovery Fund for flood-hit areas to help with any losses they have had from this difficult situation.”


Notes to editor:

  1. The three crop rule requires farmers to have three crops in the ground on their farm between 1 May and 30 June.
  2. Members of the UK Farming Roundtable supporting this statement are:
    LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming)
    Livestock Auctioneers Association
    National Sheep Association
    Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF)
    Soil Association
    Tenant Farmers Association