How to keep an event to time

Time definitely flies during an event, but the good news is that as Chair, you are the pilot! There are lots of top time management tricks you can use to make sure everything runs like clockwork.

Categories: Hosting a workshop

Well before the event contact all speakers / panellists to remind them of their allotted time slot and that they need to keep to it!

  • On the day itself, speak to all the speakers/panellists, check they are happy and remind them of their allotted time.
  • At the start, announce to attendees that the speakers/panellists will have a certain time allocated to them and that you will be keeping time throughout.
  • Use visual time warnings to show speakers how much time they have left. Cards marked up with 3 minutes, 1 minute, 60 seconds or amber and red cards are often used.
  • Other techniques include a countdown clock placed in front of speakers or audio warnings such as tapping on a glass.
  • If you are chairing a panel or presentation where you are seated behind the speaker, you can nominate a time keeper in the audience to keep track of time and give any visual/ verbal warnings.
  • If the speaker continues after their allocated time, give them a minute or two more to conclude their session.
  • After a couple of minutes wait for a natural break and interject asking them to wrap up.