Learning styles

People have four different ways of learning. This means when facilitating a workshop, hosting an event or speaking at a conference you need ensure you cover these four main learning styles to make sure your audience or group stays engaged throughout and takes your key messages away with them.

The four main learning styles are:


Auditory learners process and understand information best when it is presented verbally or reinforced with sound. They prefer to listen to a talk than read a leaflet and will often repeat messages verbally to reinforce and memorise messages.


Visual learners find information easier to understand, interpret and remember when it is presented visually. This can include observing something in action or being shown pictures, diagrams or handouts.


Kinaesthetic learners absorb information through activities where they can experience and be active. Being involved helps them to get and retain information much better than as passively hearing or seeing information.

Written word learners

Written word learners are most engaged when information is presented in documents whether this be as a printed handout, an article or in notes that they have written themselves.

The table below highlights some of the resources or activity which can be used to cover the different learning styles.