During the interview for broadcast

Here we look at some key things to remember when you are being interviewed for radio or television.

General rules

  • Remem­ber who it is all for: your audience
  • Drop jar­gon
  • Paint pic­tures with your descriptions
  • Be con­cise
  • Nev­er lose your cool/​temper
  • Enjoy it!

Have a lis­ten to our Pod­cast below for some more tips and advice.



Here is a transcript of the podcast above.

Presenting yourself

Introduce yourself

This does not necessarily need to be at the start. Keep it short and relevant. Include who you are, where you are from and why you are qualified to talk about this particular topic.

Eyes up

Maintain good eye contact with interviewer

Speak up

Talk brightly and be positive

Pace yourself

Vary length of responses and do not speak too quickly

Talk ‘person-essionally’

Talk ‘person-essionally’ by using your personality and your professionalism combined

Be engaging

Choose your words carefully, colourful descriptions of activities and ‘mini-stories’ to create pictures in the listeners mind

Rhetorical questions

Ask rhetorical questions and then answer them. Refer to what the audience could be thinking or wondering


These are a good opportunity to go into more detail. Link to Answering tricky questions.

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