Using PowerPoint powerfully

You have probably had to endure a dull PowerPoint presentation. So you know what it is like to be on the receiving end of a presentation by someone reading to the audience from slides crowded with too much text and information.

A PowerPoint can be powerful. But it is only one of the presentation tools and props you can use to get your messages across.


PowerPoint - the power and the problems


  • use great images
  • keep text to a minimum
  • use bul­let points to con­vey key points
  • make it just part of your presentation
  • com­bine your Pow­er­Point with use of props
  • keep to time
  • inter­act with your audience
  • end with a screen with your con­tact details
  • have a con­tin­gency plan if tech­nol­o­gy fails

Do not

  • have too many slides
  • read chunks from the screen
  • clut­ter slides with too much text
  • over brand with logos
  • include tables or charts that are irrelevant
  • stay too long on the same slide
  • face the screen rather than the audience 
  • rely on technology 

Top tips for presenting using Powerpoint powerfully

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