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Get propped up

Your presentation is going to be more powerful with props. As well as preparing what you will say, you need to think of what you can show to illustrate your points. Whether you are presenting indoors or outdoors you need props.

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How to handle tricky questions

You may be asked some tricky questions that ordinarily you might wish to avoid, however, to retain the trust and confidence of your audience, you need to be prepared to answer these questions. Prepare yourself so that you can provide concise, confident and carefully considered answers should this occur.

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Presenting outdoors

Outdoor learning can energise, inspire and engage. It adds colour and context to bring subjects to life. Mastering different outdoor presenting methods is good for you and your audience.

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Questions are a great way tool to: steer and generate discussion, gather overall group consensus, establish interest in a particular subject, gather experiences, interact with your audience and engage in conversation.

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